Annapurna Farm is an Auroville Farm

“Our aim is to produce healthy food for the township while maintaining a progressive environment.”

In 1966 the UNESCO passed a unanimous resolution commending the “Auroville Project” in Tamil Nadu, India as a project of great importance for the future of humanity, thereby giving their full encouragement. Today – more than 50 years after its inception with a population of nearly 3000 – Auroville is recognized as the first and only internationally endorsed ongoing township – experiment, anticipating the unity of man. Auroville’s holistic thinking includes the principles of organic and sustainable agriculture; around 20 organic farms grow food for the community.

With its 135 acres Annapurna Farm is the community’s largest certified organic farm. The farm was started 34 years ago on a barren tract of land. Today Annapurna produces rice, sesame, fruits/compotes and dairy products for the community. Besides that it functions as the granary of Auroville by storing and processing grains grown on other Auroville farms and organic farms from the bio-region.

While growing food for the community the farm is exploring ways to improve and adjust to the ongoing challenges of the everyday reality. Many questions about sustainability, nutrition, efficiency, economics, wild life, water scarcity and much more are the daily challenges the farmers have to deal with. For this reason the farm keeps track of ongoing activities of which data is being collected and informs both farm stewards as well as volunteers and students.

Besides the ground reality, the farm has a spiritual base in which individual growth and development has space to flourish. Working on the farm is more than getting the job done; it is a means to develop ones being.

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