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The Economical Status of Annapurna Farm

Auroville’s economical life include aspects of capitalist and socialist principles; there is no private ownership of land, housing and immovable assets but on the other hand individual leadership and entrepreneurial qualities are welcome. There are two broad spheres of activity “service units” and “income-generating units”. Stewardship is allocated by the working group of the particular area or activity.

The well over 100 income-generating units generate profits which help to sustain part of the Auroville economy as a whole. Annapurna Farm is considered a “service unit”, and is not focusing on profit generation but on producing healthy organic food for the community. The farm is aiming at break even and to generate a small profit to deal with eventualities. This means major infra-investments have to be created by fundraising or community support.

Auroville founder Mirra Alfassa (“The Mother”) envisioned industry and commerce to be an integral part of life in Auroville and as a means of financially sustaining the economy of the Auroville community. She designated one of Auroville’s four zones as the ‘Industrial Zone’, and gave it the name ‘Auroshilpam’.

How is Auroville financed?

Some money comes from the Government of India, and is used primarily for education, and development of the township. Other money comes from NGOs and other organisations in India and abroad, from the profits of income-generating units within Auroville, from a number of ‘Auroville International’ centres around the world, from Auroville guest houses, from cash donations made by visitors and guests, from outside well-wishers and the families of Aurovilians, and, of course, from the Aurovilians themselves.

How do people finance their personal life in Auroville?

While a number of Auroville residents have their own resources including financial support from families or friends, a large number depend on a ‘maintenance’ (a monthly sum which is just enough to meet the very basic needs of living in Auroville) that is provided by the ‘City Services’ (or the Budget Coordination Committee), or the place where they work.

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