Vision and Mission

Annapurna Vision and Mission

Annapurna Farm is part of the international township of Auroville in the South of India. Its primary purpose is to serve Auroville’s needs by providing organic food that is sustainably produced. To ensure the quality of its products, Annapurna has been an IMO certified farm since 2005 and maintains its certification by opening itself to annual reviews for IMO inspection (certification body). Annapurna also serves as Auroville’s grain basket as it is the only farm in Auroville where field crops can be grown on a large scale. Its main crops are rice, rosella and sesame. A few years back it started to cultivate guava fruit and bananas as well. Annapurna also facilitates Foodlink-grains which is Auroville’s granary, for it procures, stores and processes grain from other Auroville – and bio-regional farms. The soil type is a heavy clay known as black cotton soil. The farm meets its energy needs through grid electricity, diesel and bio-gas and solar energy. The stewards have created a series of water catchment ponds that are used for irrigation without tapping into groundwater reserves. Deep wells are only used when rain is not sufficient. Besides crops, Annapurna is operating a dairy with around 30 animals and is one of the few certified organic dairies in South India. Integrated ecological sustainability is a fundamental management principle of the farm, where the two main activities, that is crop cultivation and milk production, are harmoniously integrated to ensure sustainability in the long run with the field crops providing fodder for the cows, and the cows providing fertility for the fields. The size of the herd is determined by the productivity of the farm to produce green fodder throughout the year; the cattle are all home-bred and selected on general health, milk production and character. Ecological sustainability is also ensured by the farm’s commitment to use only non-hybridized local seeds and by the sustainable use of water. Integrity and joy in work are core values of Annapurna.

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