Annapurna Volunteers

Annapurna Farm is a farm with a professional approach, striving towards efficient and healthy processes. We are open for apprentices and volunteers and cordially welcome people from all over the world to join in our work in different capacities. These different work levels might be: animal care, dairy processing, cultivation of field crops and orchard work, processing of grains and last but not least we have machinery and infrastructure which needs maintenance and development. We try to match the interest of the volunteer in a certain area of farm activities whenever possible. All this takes some time to work out.

Some aspects have to be considered in advance:

  • Main criteria for us: The volunteer should be motivated. High level of motivation is important to us. If the volunteer comes from an agricultural background and has referring skills it is an extra plus, but it is not a necessity. We appreciate good will, joy, openness and perseverance.
  • Accommodation: The farm has place for three to four people. The accommodation is simple, there is a common kitchen with simple food and facilities for doing the laundry.
  • Duration of stay: It takes time to get familiar with the daily procedures. Volunteers are expected to stay for at least three months and they should be involved in farm work for a minimum of 24 hours a week.
  • Contribution : For the first month the farm is asking a contribution of rupees 300 per day for accommodation and basic cost of food. Experience shows, that volunteers generally are not very productive during the first month and need guidance. After the first month the situation is assessed and the next arrangement is decided. Financials can always be discussed.
  • Weather: Auroville is located in the tropical region. That means: hot summers starting in April (up to 40 degrees C), and a wet, rainy season (mostly October November); and comfortable winters from middle December to March.
  • Annapurna – Auroville connectivity: Please note, that Annapurna is located 10kms outside of Auroville. Thus socializing in, and experiencing, the wider Auroville takes more effort.

In the past years we have had good experiences with our volunteers. Some of them came to write their PhD Thesis, others came for scientific research, some volunteers came from organic farms and some were total wild birds.

The underlying drive of Annapurna is rooted in spirituality and it helps when volunteers can resonate with that. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or if you have questions.

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