Interview with Manjula, working in Annapurna since 1987

I like to work with grains and vegetables that I later eat myself

Manjula, you are for 30 years now active on Annapurna and one of the first workers employed. Where are you from and how did you find your way to the farm? And do you remember your first work day?

“I come from Ottai, a village some kilometers away. I was looking for a job when one day a friend of ours popped in and said that he was working as a watchman in a newly started farm named Annapurna. He said he liked it and then I made my way to Annapurna and asked Tomas if he needed help. That was in 1987. And yes, I remember my first day well. I started working with the cows. Frankly spoken….it was not too much of a work….we had only one cow that time.”

You worked for some years on the farm, took a break, and returned.

“Yes, for some years I was away. I married and started a family. I have two children who are grown up: Sivakumar now 28, and Selvam, 24.”

Working on a farm is not easy: many young Indians prefer white collar jobs nowadays.

“I like to work out in the field. It is hard work, but it is out in nature and I like to work with the food that I later eat myself. But of course it gets harder with the years coming. However, I like my job here in Annapurna.”

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