Interview with Wolfgang

“Annapurna is good enough to be exemplary”

Wolgang with Sangeetha

Where are you from and what brought you to Annapurna?

“I am a Rudolf-Steiner teacher from Germany. The first time I came to Auroville was in 1974 and the first time I came to Annapurna was in 2012. I searched for an internship place for my stepdaughter. From then I come annually for some time during winter.”


“When I crossed the entrance gate I had the feeling that this place is more than an assembly of fields, machines, houses, people and cows. I sensed sort of an invisible bond, of an idea alive behind.”

How can a farm be an idea?

“Rudolf Steiner says we should treat farms as beings. To me it makes sense. I thought: I can contribute a bit to a better incarnation of this idea. For me Annapurna’s message is: Yes it is possible to have economy and ecology together.”

What is your motive respectively your contribution?

“My motive is simple. A Rudolf Steiner teacher is sort of a midwife. He or she tries to help ideas to incarnate, be it children, be it adults ,be it beings of another kind like farms. In 2017 I helped to get the website going.”

What is the mission of Annapurna in your eyes?

“Annapurna displays in my eyes both a sustainable and professional viability, a credible example for the union of the world of ideas and its realization on earth. Viability brings freedom. If I see it correctly, then Auroville is financially not sustainable and depending on outside sources. Annapurna is capable amongst others to spearhead Auroville’s way to self-sufficiency and independence. Annapurna’s potential is immense, but it must be recognized by the community.”

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