Interview with Velu

Suji and Vellima are my favourites

Velu, where do you come from and what is your job in Annapurna Farm?

“I come from Vanur and I work as a milker. I have been doing that for 14 years now and I am happy to keep on going. I like my job very much. I cycle every day from Vanur to Annapurna and back to my family with my wife Machakandhi and my children Dharani and Manikandhan”.

Do you come from a farmer family and did you have cows?

“I have sort of a farming background but we did not have cows. I learned milking from my neighbours when I was 17 years old. When I am older I may have cows of my own, but not now”.

A milker is not only milking: he is everyday very close to the cows and looks after their health and well-being. Do you have favourites amongst Annapurna’s cows?

“Yes I have favourites: Vellima, who is the oldest cow now with 15 years of age, and Suji. I like to work with the cows and I feel close to them. Some people say that the girl cows are not easy to handle, but to me it is easy to work with them”.

Every day you are near the beautiful fresh milk. Are you a lover of milk products?

“Frankly speaking, not so much. I put a little milk into my tea, but I do not eat cheese or drink milk. But yoghurt I like”.

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