Treo Zor

At last we got it going.

Our blue and white Treo Zor electric three-wheeler is zipping around Auroville doing daily deliveries of dairy products, grains and bananas.

And it feels soo good. After years of struggling with old mopeds which we often overloaded to be able to get everything delivered in time, this is really wonderful!

All this because of a generous donor who was happy to support the farm in its endeavor to improve and increase Annapurna’s capacity.

To be an effective and productive farm there have to be many things into place, one thing not functioning well in the process chain can cripple the rest of the process very much. This was slowly happening with our mode of transport. Since we started to grow bananas the daily fresh deliveries became suddenly much more bulky and this needed a change. The little 3-wheeler is just doing that.

Like usual this was not as easy done as one would want it to be. There were complications like unreliable dealers, extended delivery times, registration hiccups and what not. We are still fighting with one dealer to get some advances returned,  but hope to get that solved as well.

I Pictures: Loading the three wheeler for delivery. On the way to Foodlink.

But then after persevering and the vehicle is delivering the goodies our satisfaction and gratitude is more profound and the farm seems suddenly to function more smoothly. Part of this feeling comes because of the noiseless moving of the EV; it all feels more magic..

Balaji, our delivery man, who has been struggling with the old mopeds on the road is a happy man as well 😊

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