Paddy and Other Fields Notes | December 22

While we are still busy with the second round of the weeding through direct sown paddy fields, we have early sown paddy coming into the flowering stage.

But paddy is not the only one coming into flowering but also Rosella and Corn. Rosella is being harvested for the processing jams and syrups while corn will be harvested in January to further trial corn flour.

View from the 3rd Banana plantation and papayas
At the end of July 2022, we extended the existing 1.5 acres of banana plantation by 0.5 acres. This plot is planted with “karpurvalli” banana suckers selected from the older plantation.
We did away with the variety of Poovan, as it was found to not suit our soil conditions. We are also testing and observing four different varieties一 Red, Robusta Dwarf, Yelakki, and Rastali一 to explore greater taste and diversity within the plantation.

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