Short Sunday morning weather musings

It’s raining again; just listening to that old song of Supertramp…

And that is what it has been doing a lot in July. We got a whopping 19cm of rain so far spread over 9 days which is quite different from last year where we got less than 5 cm over the same period.

At that time we were praying for rain to be able to establish a green manure crop in the rice fields. This year we are struggling to get the land prepared in the moments the soil is dry enough to be cultivated.

Weather and agriculture are the perfect means to learn patience, detachment and surrender. I used to have sleepless nights because the weather was playing truant and would stop the field work at crucial moments, destroy the crop at harvest time, complicate and halt construction work and much more. I surely learned a lot there and am much more accepting what comes and goes with that nowadays.

This reminds me of a movie where a guy is being accused of treason and is in jail and pretty relaxed with that. His lawyer asks him why he is not worried because he might get the death penalty for this. Then the accused asks the lawyer: ”Do you think it will help me if I would worry?”  

Right now we’ve gotten most of the green manure sown in the paddy fields and hope to finish it next week. The road repair which we started got stopped because to drive tipper lorries with material into the farm the soil needs to be dry not to get stuck.

The Gliricidea nursery has been planted and seeds start to sprout nicely in this cool and rainy weather.

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