Dairy news.

This is in continuation of the blog from June 9 about our deliberations of retired animals.

Welli died a few days ago. She was in her 20th life year. In her last days she could not walk and eat anymore and developed some other complications.

This was the point where we decided to sedate her and let her go. We buried her on the farm.

This week we prepared a new cow feed concentrate mix. Once every 4-6 weeks we prepare a new feed mix consisting mostly of millets and animal grade products of our grain processing. Few products we have to buy on the market in Pondicherry to complete the mix.

The millet (pearl-, foxtail-, finger- and kodo millet) is collectively purchased, mostly through Aurogreen (a farm in Auroville) who buys large amounts in the season at millet harvest time when the grain is cheaper.

This is the only way to be sure that we get the best feed. Millet are cleaned and milled into flour at Annapurna itself so we are sure there is no adulteration and no substitutes and taste makers are added. It is also the only way to put in maximum organic ingredients.

Annapurna farm’s vision is to reduce the concentrate feed and increase fodder for the animals over time. This year we are preparing more infrastructure to be able to irrigate more area; this will enable us to produce more fodder throughout the year. The process to move away from concentrate grain- based feed is very slow and we have to see how far we can push it. The feed has a big influence on the milk yield and the farm needs the milk to be able to break even in the current economical reality.

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